Hernia Repair Costs & Fees

Our Fees & Costs – Hernia Repair

Getting a Hernia Repair comes with multiple areas of concern, especially regarding your medical bills.

At G&L Surgical, we understand your concerns regarding financing options and endeavour to provide you with ease of mind so you can focus on getting the treatment you require.

We strive to ensure we are transparent with our fees and charges and provide you with the necessary financial counselling to understand the costs involved in getting your hernia treated.

What Is Cashless Eligibility for a Procedure?

Cashless eligibility refers to the option of zero out-of-pocket fees to be paid upon your procedure and hospitalisation. Your eligibility is subjected to change and may vary depending on the individual’s Insurance Policy, CPF Claimables (where Medisave applies) and the procedure’s Table Code.

Please contact and check with your insurer on your insurance policies. After that, simply inform our staff of the insurance details to determine if you are eligible for cashless eligibility.

G&L Surgical is here to help you check on your eligibility for a seamless and stress-free treatment, WHATSAPP or call us at +65 8218 7799 to find out more.

At Which Hospitals Can We Engage G&L Surgical’s Services?

Your medical fees and charges may differ depending on the selection of hospitals and bedding arrangements at different medical institutions.

Dr Ganesh Ramalingam can perform the procedure at the following hospitals:

  • Mount Elizabeth Hospital (Orchard & Novena)
  • Mount Alvernia Hospital
  • Parkway East Hospital
  • Gleneagles Hospital

Does Insurance Cover Hernia Repair Costs In Singapore?

In Singapore, hernia repair costs are covered by the Integrated Shield Plan, along with Medishield Life for private healthcare.

If you have an existing personal insurance plan, you are advised to find out about the coverage that you are entitled to when considering the financing options for your surgery.

Consider speaking to your insurance provider or speak to our staff for further assistance.

I Have Private Health Insurance; How Can I Ensure That I Do Not Have to Pay With Cash for My Hernia Repair?

The Integrated Shield Plan allows Singaporeans to obtain additional coverage on top of what is offered by Medishield Life for private healthcare. Suppose you have purchased a hospital plan rider from your insurer, which covers the cost of the deductible along with co-insurance.

In that case, you may be eligible for a cashless procedure during your hospitalisation. If you are unsure of your eligibility for a cashless procedure, contact us or speak to your insurer to find out more.

I Have an Integrated Shield Plan. What Are My Out-of-Pocket Fees at a Private Hospital?

If you are considering seeking treatment at a Private Hospital and have an Integrated Shield Plan, your out-of-pocket fees may amount to the following:

To understand how you can enjoy seamless and cashless eligibility for your procedure, speak to your insurer or contact our friendly staff via WHATSAPP or call our CLINIC for assistance.

How Much Does a Hernia Repair Cost in Singapore?

In Singapore, a hernia surgery can range from $3,000 to $4,500 at a private hospital according to  MOH’s Historical Transacted Bill Sizes and Fee Benchmarks. The fees for the treatment can vary largely due to multiple factors such as complications of the surgery, ward type and subsidies and insurance. It is important to note that this amount is before taking into account your insurance (e.g. MediShield Life, Integrated Shield Plans) and MediSave payouts.

At G&L Surgical Clinic, we understand the concerns about the cost of hernia surgery, and we understand how an untreated hernia can cause a huge disruption to your activities.

Consider hernia surgery in Singapore to help you achieve peace of mind and prevent future complications.

We strive to provide transparency with our fees and charges and provide you with the financial counselling necessary to understand the costs involved in getting your hernia treated in Singapore.

What Factors Might Affect The Cost Of My Hernia Repair?

Multiple factors can affect the cost of your hernia repair. In general, there are 4 factors that may impact your medical fees, they are:

Complexity of Case – If your condition is diagnosed to have complications, it can result in an increase in the medical fees as more procedures may be necessary to ensure that your surgery is successfully completed. 

Inpatient or Outpatient — If your hernia surgery requires you to undergo warding to observe your recovery, it can affect your medical fees.  Having a hernia repair done as an inpatient case will likely cost more than an outpatient procedure. Speak to our team to understand if your treatment requires you to be warded.  

Insured or Uninsured — The price of hernia repair surgery can vary between insurance providers. In some cases, it may even be received as a fully covered benefit with no out-of-pocket costs to you at all!

Choice of Hospital – when you are deciding between a government hospital or a private hospital, the cost of the entire surgery will vary. For a more detailed breakdown of the difference in prices, you can visit MOH’s Historical Transacted Bill Sizes and Fee Benchmarks to understand more about the charges.

You can find more information on hernia repairs at G & L Surgical Clinic on our laparoscopic hernia repair surgery page.

Why Choose Us For Your Hernia Treatments In Singapore?

Hernia Repair Surgery, Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Surgery, Why Choose G & L Surgical Clinic, Dr Ganesh Ramalingam

In this minimally invasive procedure, patients might experience less discomfort and scarring after hernia surgery and can engage in normal activities more quickly. Laparoscopic hernia repair surgery by Dr Ganesh Ramalingam at G & L Surgical Clinic in Singapore is preferred by patients looking for a reduced recovery period. Laparoscopic hernia repair surgery has proven to be highly effective with more than 90 per cent of hernias not returning after the procedure.

Dr Ganesh at G & L Surgical Clinic strives to prioritise his patients’ recovery and comfort. Having had adequate experience in performing advanced laparoscopic hernia surgeries for numerous patients for many years in Singapore.

Furthermore, the staff at G & L Surgical Clinic have been thoroughly and adequately trained to make your experience a comfortable and hassle-free one. Whether you intend to undergo our hernia treatments, procedures or other medical services in Singapore, you can rest assured that you will be properly and sufficiently cared for by trained professionals.

Organise a consultation with our surgeon for further assistance on hernia treatments in Singapore.

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