Elipse gastric balloon: Lose 10-15kg naturally without surgery

Previously, I introduced something called a gastric balloon, a revolutionary treatment that allows overweight individuals to lose weight without bariatric surgery or a gastric sleeve procedure. I would like to announce that we will be launching the Elipse balloon, a new generation of gastric balloon from Europe that is swallowable like a pill.

Before the Elipse Balloon was invented, earlier editions of gastric balloons had to be placed and removed from the stomach through an endoscopy which requires anaesthesia. The Elipse Balloon, however, is the first gastric balloon that is swallowed and naturally excreted through the GI tract four months later. What’s more, the entire inpatient procedure takes only about 20 minutes and patients can resume their daily activities within a day or two. 

While the Elipse Balloon is relatively new in Singapore, it has already positioned itself as the weight loss programme of choice across Europe, South America and the Middle East and has helped thousands of individuals lose 10-15kg in 16 weeks.

How does the Elipse Balloon work? 

As with other gastric balloons, the Elipse Balloon works by science and what every other dietician and nutritionist preaches for weight loss — a calorie deficit. No fad diets, magic fat burner pills, or detox tea — just consuming less than what your body needs in order to be in a caloric deficit and lose weight. 

Once the balloon expands and takes up space in the stomach, it creates a feeling of fullness, taking away hunger cues. As a result, you: 

  • Eat less food and smaller portions during mealtimes and feel satisfied faster 
  • Do not feel the need to snack or binge (reduced cravings)
  • Feel full longer 

With all these in place coupled by an active lifestyle, you are well on your way to kick starting your weight loss journey. 

Check out CNA’s coverage on the Elipse Balloon here:

How is the Elipse Balloon inserted?

You will swallow a capsule containing the deflated balloon. Attached to the capsule is a thin tube, which your doctor will use to fill the balloon with liquid once the capsule is in your stomach. Two X-rays will be done during the 20 minute procedure — one to make sure the capsule is in the right position, and the other to confirm the balloon is filled and the placement is complete. Once all is clear, your doctor will gently remove the tube. 

Most people are able to swallow the capsule without any issues, but those who have difficulty swallowing can be assisted by the doctor or nurse who will use a thin wire to guide the capsule into place. No endoscopy or anaesthesia is required even then. 

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How is the Elipse Balloon different from other gastric balloons?

In terms of weight loss and projected results, the Elipse Balloon works the same way as other gastric balloons. The main difference is how the balloon is inserted and removed. After approximately 16 weeks of having the balloon, a time-activated valve on the balloon will open, allowing the balloon to empty and pass through the gastrointestinal tract. In rare cases, the empty balloon may be vomited. 

In addition, the company behind the Elipse Balloon, Allurion, has an app and scale that helps track your progress over the treatment program. You don’t have to use it, but it will be beneficial to have some form of accountability to reach your goals. My team and I will monitor your progress and ensure you remain in good health, but I also recommend working closely with a nutritionist and trainer to establish healthier lifestyle habits, such as eating a well-rounded diet and exercising regularly.

How much weight can I lose with the Elipse Balloon?

With proper eating habits, you may expect to lose about 10-25kg or 10-15% of your initial body weight at about 16 weeks in. That of course will only happen if you put in the work, because as mentioned, the balloon is not a magic pill that helps you lose weight; it is a tool to help you achieve your goals. 

After the balloon is dispelled out of your body, it is entirely up to you to maintain your weight. I recommend continuing working with your healthcare team for about a month after to consolidate new lifestyle habits. From there on, it’s all about discipline. 

If you would like to find out more about the Elipse Balloon in Singapore, please do not hesitate to reach out and I will get back to your query. 


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